European Union Prize for Literature announces the 2022 winner and special mentions

The European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL) recognises emerging fiction writers from the European Union and beyond.

Updated EU VAT rules: as little as 0% VAT for printed books and e-books

EIBF warmly welcomes ECOFIN’s adoption of updated EU VAT rules, which allow for reduced, super-reduced and even 0% VAT rates for printed books and e-books  

A New Era for Antitrust

On today's antitrust day of action, Molly Bond, Advocacy & Public Policy Manager at the American Booksellers Association, spotlights some of the recent work the association has been doing in this space

Booksellers united in solidarity with the Ukrainian people

Highlighting EIBF members' statements, appeals and actions supporting Ukraine  

Booksellers join the Bologna Children's Book Fair

In partnership with BBPlus and RISE Bookselling, EIBF hosts a group of international booksellers at this year's BCBF 2022 

Northern European Bookselling Markets in 2021: despite overall growth, bookshop sales numbers continue to lag behind

Analysing the preliminary sales figures from 2021, we take a closer look at four bookselling markets in the northern Europe 


The EIBF regards with horror the unspeakable attack perpetrated against Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

EBF, FEP et EWC publient un Manifeste en vue des élections européennes de 2014

Les livres font circuler les idées, nourrissent l’esprit et favorisent la liberté d’expression. Les citoyens

EWC, EBF and FEP publish a book manifesto for the European elections 2014


Licences for Europe- Stakeholders Dialogue, Final Plenary Session

Joint Statement by the European Booksellers Federation, the European Publishers Council, the European Writers Council, the Federation of European Publishers & the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers

On the interoperability of e-books formats

The study was conducted by Professor Christoph Bläsi and Professor Franz Rothlauf of  Johannes Gutenberg University, who said: “There is no technical or functional reason not to use and establish EPUB 3 as an/the interoperable (open) ebook format standard.