A call to invest in all our creative futures

Ahead of the European Council meeting next 17th July and as a follow up to the joint letter signed by over 90 organisations in the cultural and creative sector last month, 45 renowned European artists, such as author Nina George, singer-songwriter Björk and performance artist Marina Abramovic

Booksellers in the spotlight: celebrating bookshops

Sharing positive and successful stories from the bookselling sector, celebrating the innovation, resilience, and resourcefulness of booksellers from across the world  

Investing in Europe’s next generation by investing in culture

As the EU has started discussing the proposed recovery plan, 94 organisations from across Europe’s cultural and creative sectors are uniting their voices to alert EU leaders: our sector needs strong and systemic support measures to recover from this crisis.

Discussing the impacts of Coronavirus crisis on the book chain

EIBF co-President Fabian Paagman participates in an online debate on the impact of Coronavirus pandemic on the book chain 

EIBF deeply regrets the destruction of bookstores during the civil unrest in Minneapolis

The European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF), organisation representing booksellers associations from across Europe and worldwide, is issuing the following statement:   

European Union Prize For Literature Announces 2020 Laureates

The European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL) recognises emerging fiction writers from across Europe. During a cycle of three years, the award includes 41 countries participating in the Creative Europe programme – an initiative aiming at strengthening Europe’s cultural and creative sectors.

EBF, FEP et EWC publient un Manifeste en vue des élections européennes de 2014

Les livres font circuler les idées, nourrissent l’esprit et favorisent la liberté d’expression. Les citoyens

EWC, EBF and FEP publish a book manifesto for the European elections 2014


Licences for Europe- Stakeholders Dialogue, Final Plenary Session

Joint Statement by the European Booksellers Federation, the European Publishers Council, the European Writers Council, the Federation of European Publishers & the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers

On the interoperability of e-books formats

The study was conducted by Professor Christoph Bläsi and Professor Franz Rothlauf of  Johannes Gutenberg University, who said: “There is no technical or functional reason not to use and establish EPUB 3 as an/the interoperable (open) ebook format standard.