Paper shortage prevents printers from meeting rising demand

In this guest blog post, Secretary General of Intergraf Beatrice Klose explores the impacts of paper shortage on the wider book industry 

Twenty years on: Lessons in bookselling and survival

Nadia Wassef, one of the owners and co-founders of Diwan, Egypt’s first modern bookshop, has shared her industry experience in a keynote at the Sharjah International Booksellers Conference 2022

Exploring the Slovak book market

Peter Kačmár shares insights on bookshop stock curation and presentation from the perspective of Panta Rhei

EIBF attends first-ever World Expression Forum

EIBF’s policy team, Daniel Martín Brennan and Tora Åsling, highlight their impressions from the two-day event in Lillehammer, Norway. 

Launching the 2021 Global bookselling markets report

We are excited to reveal the global bookselling markets report for 2021, analysing current trends, exploring the pandemic impacts and highlighting development opportunities for the sector

Innovative bookshop partnerships: Apollo chain in Estonia

Spotlighting diversification in bookselling sector: Apollo bookstore chain from Estonia 


The EIBF regards with horror the unspeakable attack perpetrated against Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

EBF, FEP et EWC publient un Manifeste en vue des élections européennes de 2014

Les livres font circuler les idées, nourrissent l’esprit et favorisent la liberté d’expression. Les citoyens

EWC, EBF and FEP publish a book manifesto for the European elections 2014


Licences for Europe- Stakeholders Dialogue, Final Plenary Session

Joint Statement by the European Booksellers Federation, the European Publishers Council, the European Writers Council, the Federation of European Publishers & the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers

On the interoperability of e-books formats

The study was conducted by Professor Christoph Bläsi and Professor Franz Rothlauf of  Johannes Gutenberg University, who said: “There is no technical or functional reason not to use and establish EPUB 3 as an/the interoperable (open) ebook format standard.