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Paper shortage prevents printers from meeting rising demand

In this guest blog post, Secretary General of Intergraf Beatrice Klose explores the impacts of paper shortage on the wider book industry 

Twenty years on: Lessons in bookselling and survival

Nadia Wassef, one of the owners and co-founders of Diwan, Egypt’s first modern bookshop, has shared her industry experience in a keynote at the Sharjah International Booksellers Conference 2022

Exploring the Slovakian book market

Peter Kačmár shares insights on bookshop stock curation and presentation from the perspective of Panta Rhei

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Our services

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Exchange of best practice

EIBF fosters the exchange of best practice between its members and acts as a forum for discussion and cooperation.


EIBF meets decision-makers of both European and international institutions, explaining the specificities of the bookselling industry, at different stages. 

Industry events

EIBF regularly organises targeted policy-oriented events on different subjects with the aim of boosting the visibility of the bookselling industry. 

Book Charter

Why bookstores are crucial to community life - check out our new book charter.

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The European and International Booksellers Federation represents national booksellers associations in the European Union and beyond. EIBF Members in turn have in membership booksellers of all kinds: brick and mortar bookshops, online bookshops, independents, chains.


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