Events and conferences 2021

  • 27/01/2021

Want to know about EIBF and the work we do? Discover the events you can join to find out more


We’re launching a dedicated page featuring all events and conferences where you can hear from the wider EIBF team and our members on the opportunities and challenges within the bookselling sector.

This page will be continuously updated with additional event details as they become available. 


     •    24 February: Second European Book Conference (part of The Brussels Book Fair) 
          o    EIBF co-organising a panel together with the Belgian French-speaking Independent Bookshop Association 

     •    18 March: EIBF webinar on the rise of audiobooks
          o    Speaker: Maria Hamrefors, Chair of the Swedish Booksellers Association  

     •    23 April: World Book Day 
     •    28 April: EIBF webinar on the bookselling trends and statistics 
          o    Speaker: Nielsen Book 

     •    EIBF webinar on social media planning for booksellers 
          o    details TBC
     •    10 and 11 May: EUPL 2020 author reading event 

     •    29 June to 1 July: The London Book Fair 
          o    EIBF annual conference for members 
          o    details TBC


Registrations for EIBF Webinars

Registrations for webinars are already open - sign up by filling out this form. You will be asked to confirm your interest for specific webinar - or all, if you wish to attend all three. Further details will follow in due course.

Please note that the participation at EIBF webinars is open only to EIBF members and their members (through Booksellers Associations in respective countries). 

For further inquiries, get in touch with our communications team