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Public consultation on reduced VAT rates for electronic publications – EIBF Contribution

  • 21/09/2016

Between the 25th of July and the 19th of September, the European Commission conducted a consultation under the title “reduced VAT rates for electronically supplied publications”, since these publications are still taxed at a standard VAT rate compared to printed books and newspapers which can enjoy a reduced rate (but higher than 5%) or a super-reduced rate (under 5%).

The Commission is committed to create a legislative proposal that would allow Member states to apply  to electronically supplied publications the same VAT rates that Member States can currently apply to printed publications. The objective of the consultation was to invite the public, businesses and representative organisations to share their views on the proposal and its elements. Together with its members, EIBF has contributed an opinion to express the stance of booksellers on creating a fairer taxation system for electronically supplied publications.

You can download the full contribution in attachment.