Launch of SDG 13 reading list

  • 22/04/2021

This Earth Day, discover the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Book Club recommendations around climate action


SDG 13: Climate Action

Did you know that the last decade was the warmest on record? Hot temperatures can cause wildfires that put animals and people in danger. Extreme weather phenomena, like hurricanes and droughts can damage people’s homes and force them to move. In 2018, more than 39 million people all over the world were in danger of losing their homes. That’s a really big number!


The rising temperature of the Earth is called “global warming.” If the Earth’s temperature keeps getting hotter, we will feel the effects of it. For example, global warming will melt the Arctic’s sea ice and cause the sea level to rise. If the sea level continues to rise, many islands and countries will struggle to stay above water and people and animals will lose their homes. To avoid this from happening, all of us must do something to help the Earth.


Find the SDG13 reading list here. 


SDG 13: Climate Action aims to help solve these problems. Since millions of people are in danger of losing their homes, we must take climate action seriously and do what we can to save the environment.

Browse through our new reading list to learn more about the consequences of climate change. Read the books together with your friends or family (or over video chat or physically distanced outdoors) and find fun ways to help save the Earth, one community at a time!

Our new reading list covers many of these topics and we hope the stories will inspire you to think about ways that you can help improve the community that you live in.

The SDG Book Club makes content available in the six official languages of the United Nations – please see our other pages for more recommendations in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.


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