European Commission


  • 28/11/2019

The European & International Booksellers Federation – EIBF – warmly welcomes the outcome of yesterday’s vote at the European Parliament, confirming the von der Leyen Commission. We wish to congratulate President von der Leyen and the entire college of Commissioners for this success and wish them a fruitful and productive 5-year term.

The European & International Booksellers Federation represents national booksellers associations in the European Union and beyond. Through its member associations, EIBF speaks on behalf of more than 25,000 individual bookshops, whose role in society is essential as places of culture and in supporting learning and literacy.

EIBF co-President Jean-Luc Treutenaere commented: “We especially applaud the addition of culture to the portfolio title of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, a change which recognises its constitutive role for an EU that lives up to its motto: united in diversity.”

EIBF co-President Fabian Paagman added: “We truly hope that the Commission’s upcoming proposals will strive to promote a competitive business environment while ensuring a level playing field among all retailers online and offline. We welcome the appointment of Vice-President Margrethe Vestager whose work over the past five years has been of huge importance to booksellers and the international bookselling community”

EIBF will closely follow the work of the new Commission, as more than ever, the prosperous future of the European bookselling industry lies in the hand of decision makers. Public policies which guarantee a healthy and diverse offer to consumers, as well as a rich and varied network of bookshops, will help to build and transmit our European culture, history and knowledge to the next generation.

For further information, please contact:
EIBF Director Julie Belgrado ( or +32 494 67 95 07)