EIBF Webinar: Social media planning for booksellers

On Wednesday, 23 June, we hosted a webinar exploring the do's and don't's of social media engagement for booksellers


Over the past few decades, we have been experiencing an accelerated digitalisation boom, with many of our everyday objects and daily interactions now sustained through or via new technological solutions. The bookselling industry is no different.

Embracing digitisation into your businesses has become an integral part of bookselling, but it is especially important for keeping in touch with customers. The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed how crucial customers are in supporting their local businesses. Although physical shops offer services that online retailers can’t, having an established digital presence is a prerequisite for businesses in 2021. However, with a plethora of options and possibilities out there, it can be a daunting task to start creating or raising your digital presence. 




For booksellers at the Lesesaal Buchhandlung, a bookshop that celebrated 10 years this February, digital engagement is an important business consideration. From highlighting upcoming books to discussing important events, owner Stephanie Krawehl and her team have had a very intense year on digital channels.

We welcomed Roma Maria Mukherjee, Social Media Manager for the Lesesaal Bookshop, as our guest speaker for this EIBF Webinar, where we discussed the importance of social media for booksellers and shared a few tips for improving your social media presence. 


Missed the event?

Please note that the full recording of the event was accessible for the first 7 days following the event, after which only EIBF members can re-watch it. In case you are interested in the recording, please get in touch with Jasmina from our Communications team