To say that Sophos is simply a bookshop is like saying that wine is just a drink: a true yet reductionist simplification.

At the bookshop you can find the latest book by your favourite author or make an unexpected discovery. You can also rediscover a childhood favourite, lost along the way, or find the perfect gift for a friend.

And speaking of friends, the café is the best place to make new friends, nurture friendships or to simply have a chat. On the menu, tailored to connoisseurs, there are the best Guatemalan coffee and the most exotic teas, as well as a wide range of main dishes, snacks, sandwiches and refreshments.

The bookshop features a comprehensive, stimulating and diverse cultural programme will allows visitors to discover not only Guatemalan literary and cultural figures and themes, but also international ones.

At Sophos, visitors can find all sorts of events and encounters with books, friends and authors. Although the worst thing that could happen during one of these encounters… is that you end up finding yourself!

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