The Norwegian Booksellers Association is the interest organization for all the country's bookstores. The association safeguards booksellers' interests and works to strengthen literature and the book in society. 

The bookstore association's core tasks are:
•    We aim to ensure optimal political, economic and cultural conditions for the members by having the knowledge, will and ability to influence the decision-making processes that affect the members of the association.
•    Social contact (media), political influence and profiling of the book
•    Industry statistics, surveys and analyzes
•    Industry information and other member services

The Team

Trine Stensen

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Trine Stensen

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Latest Updates

New Report from the Norwegian’s Publishers Association – “Books at what price ?”

A new study comparing different regulatory regimes across Europe has just been made available. It was compiled by the Norwegian’s Publishers Association and has recently been translated into English.

Presentations made at the EIBF Conference in Frankfurt, 12/10/2017

The second edition of the EIBF conference “Creative and Innovative Solutions by Bookshops and Booksellers Associations” took place in Frankfurt on 12.10.2017 and gathered a total of about 60 participants. This year again, many fascinating presentations were made and a wide range of topics was covered.

You can find the slides of all these presentations in PDF format below: