It consists of the federal association based in Frankfurt am Main, six legally independent regional associations and the regional office of North Rhine-Westphalia. Decisions for the entire club are made by the regional council as its highest body.


Our mission


Ideas move the world. They are mediated through the power of the word. This is particularly effective in the form of books, magazines, databases and other media - print, digital or audiovisual. The members of the Börsenverein act as professional mediators between authors and readers and shape a dynamically evolving market with their products and services. They provide society with content for culture, education, leisure, science and many other areas. In this way, they contribute to orientation, cultural life, diversity of opinion and freedom of information and make a significant contribution to the success of a democratic society. Börsenverein is committed to freedom of expression and suitable legal framework conditions, which are indispensable ideational and economic prerequisites for all publishing and bookselling activities. Aware of its tradition spanning almost two hundred year, it supports its members in successfully shaping rich and lively markets for books, specialist and scientific information in all formats.


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Cover photo: Krumulus bookstore I (c) Krumulus/MaxZerrahn

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