The Association was founded by merging of the associations for booksellers in Copenhagen (founded 1893) and booksellers in the rest of Denmark (founded 1891). At the outset, the Danish Booksellers Association had 644 members. The association's membership peaked in 1966 with more that 660 booksellers - since then, membership has declined due to the decreasing number of bookstores in Denmark. Membership at the start of 2020 was at 236.

The association resides in the historical old exchange building in central Copenhagen, which is owned by The Danish Chamber of Commerce and which a number of other trade associations also call home. The Booksellers Association has a staff of 2-3 people, working with communications, campaigns, lobbying, education and various membership services. Chairman of the board, consisting of seven members, is the CEO of the bookstore chain Arnold Busck, Helle Busck Fensvig.

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