ALIRE is an association of booksellers who share the same objective: to develop the use of high-performance IT tools, fed with reliable, up-to-date information, with reasonable prices. The Association represents booksellers from different types of bookstores, who identify the needs of the profession, support the development of new messages, inform IT service providers and encourage them to integrate these new functions.

The association is the main shareholder of Dilicom, an inter-professional organization which manages the FEL (exhaustive book file), the basis of exchanges between actors in the book chain, and operates all EDI messages which replace old paper / fax / telephone messages: order, shipping advice, invoices, returns, ...

ALIRE is a team of professionals, who have been active in facing the changes in their profession for the past three decades. During this time they saw the emergence of digital books, enrichment of databases, new interprofessional tools, and dematerialization of invoices.

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The Future of the Book, the Future of Europe

The French-German declaration of the 9th of September 2013 from Deutscher Kulturrat, Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V., Syndicat national de l’édition and Syndicat de la Librairie Française. Below the text in German, French and English

Communiqué de Presse ALIRE/SDLC/SLF

Pour que vive l’exception culturelle française, pour que la diversité reste un droit, pour que chaque lecteur ait le choix de sa librairie numérique, les libraires défendent le principe de l’interopérabilité des systèmes liés au livre numérique.