•    Created on 23 July 1927, APEL is the Portuguese Publishers and Booksellers Association.
•    In 1931 the first Lisbon and Porto Book Fairs are held;
•    In 1939 the and Association becomes the National Guild of Publishers Booksellers;
•    From May 1974 it is renamed the Portuguese Publishers and Booksellers Association (APEL);
•    On 4 May 1995 APEL is recognized as a Public Utility Legal Entity, pursuant to Decree Law No. 460/77 of 7 November;

•    organizing the Lisbon Book Fair and the Porto Book Fair;
•    promoting the representation of the Portuguese book sector in several international book events, especially the Frankfurt Book Fair;
•    making the bibliographic research/information available in the National and International Fairs in which it participates, proposing to extend such information to regional fairs and the general public;
•    promoting information actions for booksellers, publishers, distributors and sellers;
•    providing its members with legal advice on matters of the sector;
•    advising members wishing to apply for Community or national support for the development of their companies.

Latest Updates

Presentations made at the EIBF Conference in Frankfurt, 11/10/2018

2018 marks the third edition of the EIBF conference “Creative and Innovative Solutions by Bookstores and Booksellers Associations”. This year again booksellers and Booksellers Associations executives gathered to exchange best practices and discuss the latest trends in the business.

You can find the slides of all these presentations in PDF format below.