The Association is a voluntary independent professional organization uniting bookselling enterprises and publishing houses, irrespective of their form of ownership, as well as various organizations that promote book publishing and book distribution.


Association objectives


     •    protection of legal rights and professional interests of ASKR members, workers of book trade and book publishing;
     •    creation of conditions for the most effective activity of book-selling enterprises and publishing houses, strengthening the influence on the subject and circulation of books;
     •    information and methodological services to members of the Association, conducting research in the industry;
     •    development of international book exchange and cooperation with foreign partners
     •    improving, on a mutually beneficial basis, business relations of bookselling enterprises, publishing houses and other book participants;
     •    holding book fairs, exhibitions, seminars, international meetings on the publication and distribution of books;


The Association brings together about 200 professional organizations from the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other CIS countries.


Find out more on the association's website.

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